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Art Trade Eve By Alliethelombax-day8now :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 1 0 Artrade-Ziggy :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 3 2 8 Facts About Jasmine :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 5 4 Shyanne Chamber :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 8 2 Zephyr :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 4 2 Katie Lode :iconevethelombax204:Evethelombax204 4 4


Music Lover {New ID} :iconalliethelombax:alliethelombax 4 2 Bendy Sketch :iconrockyfivethehedgehog:RockyFiveTheHEdgehog 10 3 Sisters :iconrockyfivethehedgehog:RockyFiveTheHEdgehog 18 4
Favorite Game Characters Tag!!
Tagged by my best friend TrueQuantumCatalyst!!!
-List as many characters from any game you like. (They can be from the same game, but there has to be 10 or more)
-Tag 1 or more people when you are done.
Oh boy, here we go!
Ratchet (RaC)
Clank (RaC)
Angela Cross (RaC)
Copernicus L. Qwark (RaC)
General Alister Azimuth (RaC)
Dr. Nefarious (RaC)
Talwyn Apogee (RaC)
Vendra and Neftin Prog (RaC)
Susie (RaC)
Elaris (RaC)
Cora (RaC)
Grimroth Razz (RaC)
Symmetra (Overwatch)
Sombra (Overwatch)
Mario (any Mario game)
Luigi (any Mario game)
Princess Peach (any Mario game)
Yoshi (any Mario game)
Mickey Mouse (Epic Mickey)
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Epic Mickey)
The Mad Doctor (Epic Mickey)
Ortensia (Epic Mickey) 
Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
Boris (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
WOAH! XDD wasn't expecting to list so much! (I barely play video games that aren't RaC related but I tried XD)
Also, I ha
:iconalliethelombax:alliethelombax 4 4
YouTube One Banners Throughout The Years... :iconmillerwireless:Millerwireless 2 0 Clank :iconairbax:airbax 82 29
What Happened in the Morning: Chapter Three
After the two shook hands, Alice scanned her surroundings once again.
"Um, where exactly am I?" she asked, eyeing the IV tubes nervously.
"Like I said, you're in a place that's safe," Ratchet reassured her, placing a hand on her arm. She flinched as a shock of pain shot through her veins. "Nobody can harm you here."
Alice gave him a sarcastic glance before her expression turned deathly serious.
"How could any place be safe?" she whispered, gripping in her sheets so tightly that her knuckles turned white. "Especially for me..."
Staring into her hard expression, Ratchet noticed her entire face became a light shade of pink. His hand moved from her arm and touched her face, the heat burning his hand through his leather glove.
"You're getting a bit warm," he stated as he grabbed the nearest thermometer and tried to place it under her tongue. Which was easier said than done, since she pretty much refused anything that went into her mouth.
"Who knows if that thing's poisoned," she had
:iconalliethelombax:alliethelombax 4 7
Ratchet Vs. Zick :iconfreshbakedfreak:FreshBakedFreak 23 3 Princess Ella :iconlombaxgril700:lombaxgril700 2 0 Worn :iconfreshbakedfreak:FreshBakedFreak 32 3 my Halloween costume :iconlombaxgril700:lombaxgril700 4 8
Favourite Game Char Tag Chain
I was tagged by a good friend :iconMOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666:
Here we go! :D
List as many characters from any game you like. (They can be from the same game, but there has to be 10 or more)
Tag 1 or more people when you are done.
Ratchet, RaC
Clank, RaC 
Copernicus Qwark, RaC
Talwyn Apogee, RaC
Vendra and Neftin Prog, RaC
Elaris, RaC
Cole Randolph, Five Kingdoms minigame (based on a book, does that count? XD)
Tracer, Overwatch
Lucio, Overwatch
Junkrat, Overwatch
Sombra, Overwatch 
Torbjorn, Overwatch, Overwatch
Ana, Overwatch
Reinhardt, Overwatch
Caithe, Guild Wars 2
Trahearne, Guild Wars 2
Tybalt, Guild Wars 2
Papyrus, Undertale
Undyne, Undertale
Flowey/Asriel, Undertale (the sucker's so fun to voice XD)
Toriel, Undertale
Lukas, Minecraft Story Mode
Olivia, Minecraft Story Mode
Axel, Minecraft Story Mode
Petra, Minecraft Story Mode 
Ivor, Minecraft Story Mode
Magnus, Minecraft Story Mode (Wow, did I just mainly list the basic protagonists? I'm so boring .
:icontruequantumcatalyst:TrueQuantumCatalyst 3 3
Tutorial: how I draw lineless :iconcelebi-yoshi:Celebi-Yoshi 658 24 Art Trade- Little Eve, Alice and me :iconlombaxgril700:lombaxgril700 2 1 We finally meet :iconthelittledefectbot:thelittledefectbot 13 4 Angela Cross :iconalliethelombax:alliethelombax 9 6



I was tagged by TrueQuantumCatalyst 

Post your top 3 favourite Ratchet and Clank characters, followed by your top 3 favourite games, and as requested, your OTP.
Tag 4-7 fellow fans

1) Ratchet
2) Clank
3) Talwyn

1) Future:A Crack in Time
2) Ratchet: Gladiators
3) Into The Nexus


Ratchet and Clank (especially lombax Clank)

Well...nearly done. Now, tagging time: I tag:
alliethelombax lombaxgril700 AproudLombax djcig123 thelittledefectbot Diamondlombax01 Adontaxmaddison 

Phew I'm done! Thank to TrueQuantumCatalyst for tagging me. And I hope everyone has an awesome day!

Ratchet and Clank canons belongs to Insomniac Games


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New Zealand
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Hi there! Welcome to my new page. Yous can either call me Kara (as my nickname) or Eve (as my OC's name). I use to be Ratchetlover21 but changed it to Evethelombax204.

Anyway, still completely obsessed with Ratchet and Clank and Evanescence and I'm kind of a random fandom type.

You can also follow me on:
Wattpad: @Lombaxlover21
Tumblr: @evethelombax
Snapchat: kararaina
Pinterest: @evechamber
Instagram: @kararainac123
YouTube: @fallstarfantasy11

Whenever I'm not on Deviantart, I'm usually reading fanfictions, drawing, watching either Ratchet and Clank Spoofs, Songs or watching youtubers (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and many more) or doing all of the above at the same time XDD!!!!

Plus, thanks to all friends and watchers that have welcomed me back to Deviantart and I really missed yous all. So I'll be posting more art from now on, so thank you again so much for being there for me and I hope to see all of yous happy, safe and be proud of what you strive for.

Well enough of my chit chatting, so I'll see you guys! 😁


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